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 Hello and welcome

What is it that makes Truro just a bit special?

Is it the grand walk down Lemon Street, the wander over the cobbles of Boscawen Street or the meander around the delightful Walsingham Place?

You might stop for coffee in a choice of artisan coffee bars, or grab a delicious healthy bite to eat at Archie Browns, or even indulge in the tempting cakes at the Uneeka cafe.

You might choose to visit an Art Gallery or go shopping.  You might be looking for advice on interiors or some tips about how to get fit.

A new blogazine

We’re going to meet the people of Truro and see what they’ve got to tell us about food, the arts, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and fitness.  Think of this as a cross between a blog and a glossy – a sort of blogazine.

Do join us as we travel together.



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