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Secret Truro was created in January 2015 to try and help local independent businesses in Truro.

The blog is written in our spare time and done at our own expense and We'll only publish content that we really really like.

We're not a comprehensive list of everything in Truro

if you want to know everything, go to great sites like Enjoy Truro or Visit Truro or for further afield, we absolutely LOVE We Are Cornwall

We're looking for good stories

which we can use to support local businesses - a bit like a magazine feature

We want all content to be related to Truro

.....and the surrounding area - we'll do tenuous if its good!

The main writers are Amanda and Jac

Jac is a proper writer, Amanda just talks a lot.

We're happy to consider sponsored posts.

and we love reviewing products and restaurants.

Amanda's a bit of a social media maven,

which means good coverage and reach for your reviews. She's also available to help you out with your social media and blogging requirements.

We will retain editorial control

even reviews and sponsored posts will have good stories attached to them and will never be 'meh' or vanilla.

If you subscribe to Secret Truro

we promise you and cross our heart hope to die that we won't  a) bombard you with spammy e-mails (less is more, we say) and b) inspired by Taylor Swift, we will never ever ever give your names to anyone else, ever.

Want any more information?

Don't be a stranger..... press the magic button and send us a message.

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