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Secret Truro Sessions

We’ll be putting together some exciting and affordable workshops for small businesses or entrepreneurs. Starting with topics like email marketing, pricing, instagram, branding - who knows where we’ll end up! Keep your eyes peeled to see what’s available.


Secret Truro Sessions

We are thrilled to bring you the following sessions led by experts in their field. We are based at WorkBox Truro and will be holding our workshops in the Board Room. Click through to Eventbrite to book your tickets. Coffee and pastries too!


Creative Marketing for Business.

A hands-on and interactive workshop, going back to the basics of marketing and examining the components of a creative and effective communications strategy. The session includes:

  • Understanding your target audience and marketing goals

  • Developing a creative marketing strategy for your business

  • Marketing case studies

  • Q&A - a chance to ask all your marketing questions

Bethia Naughton-Rumbo is a marketing consultant, creating and delivering unique communication concepts for both well established brands and small creative start-ups. With over ten years' experience and an MA in Communication Design from Falmouth University, she creates new and meaningful ways for businesses to stand out to their audiences.

Take a look at Bethia’s website here.


Branding for Small Businesses

The session will be divided into 4 sections covering what branding is, what it does and how you approach it, covering preparation to delivery.

There will be exercises to help pinpoint what your brand is about and how branding can support your business fully, how successful your brand is and whether you should re-brand or refresh.

Brand Foundations - establishing a context for your brand and setting the intention for it’s growth

Brand Values - who you are, what you do and why you do it - your brand personality

Brand Construction - the building blocks of branding.

Brand Experience - implementing your brand, developing and future-proofing