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Secret Truro Sessions

We’ll be putting together some exciting and affordable workshops for small businesses or entrepreneurs. Starting with topics like email marketing, pricing, instagram, branding - who knows where we’ll end up! Keep your eyes peeled to see what’s available.


Secret Truro Sessions

We are thrilled to bring you the following sessions led by experts in their field. We are based at WorkBox Truro and will be holding our workshops in the Board Room. Click through to Eventbrite to book your tickets. Coffee and pastries and sometimes wine!


Agile Projects - A Beginners Guide.

Join us for an afternoon of Agile followed by a glass of wine and nibbles in the (hopefully) sunny garden at the Workbox, Truro.

Agile. It’s a buzzword that’s knocked about in most boardrooms. Businesses and organisations are looking to work smarter, harder, faster, more efficiently, with less resource.

It started life in the software industry but now, the Agile way of working has been adopted across a broad range of industries - from start-ups, accounting, law and banking to public sector and even the church.

Agile is recognisable as a project management system that takes project plans off a spreadsheet and out into team working space.

This course will introduce you to the concept of Agile project management and will show you how to apply it across teams and the organisation. It will help you develop your project management skills, demonstrate the use of a variety of agile project management tools and how these can help you to deliver effective, timely and cost-effective communication programmes.

The day promises to be a practical, hands-on day with a chance to apply learning directly to live and future projects relevant to your organisation. Expect post-it notes, practical project plans, lots of chance to collaborate and sharing of ideas.

What we’ll cover:

  • The theory behind Agile – the manifesto and principles and how they can be applied to different aspects of the business or organisation.

  • Agile tools and tactics Agile tools and tactics, including Kanban boards, agile dashboards and other aids that can help you to effectively project manage your communication programme.

  • How to reflect on the success of your project and make improvements for future activity.

About Rachel:

Rachel Picken from Agile PR is a Chartered public relations practitioner who has worked with a wide range of national organisations to introduce Agile working. She developed and has been running the Agile Project Management programme with the Chartered Institute of PR since 2016. She is the UK feature writer for Agile Vox, the international magazine for the Scrum Alliance (professional body for Agile practitioners) and a regular contributor to Agile on the Beach, a global conference held annually in Cornwall.