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Secret Truro Sessions

We’ll be putting together some exciting and affordable workshops for small businesses or entrepreneurs. Starting with topics like email marketing, pricing, instagram, branding - who knows where we’ll end up! Keep your eyes peeled to see what’s available.


Secret Truro Sessions

We are thrilled to bring you the following sessions led by experts in their field. We are based at WorkBox Truro and will be holding our workshops in the Board Room. Click through to Eventbrite to book your tickets. Coffee and pastries and sometimes wine!


Bring your laptop for an afternoon of brushing up your writing with copywriting superstar, Suzy Darke.

Are you ever stuck for words when you write for your business? Don't know where to start? Come to this workshop for an afternoon of inspiration, a great opportunity to network and ending with a Happy Hour glass of wine - it is Friday after all!

What we’ll learn:

  • What's your secret sauce? Looking at customer feedback, reviews & social media comments to uncover what it is about your particular service/product that they love

  • What's your customer’s pain? Including basic keyword research to uncover the real questions your customers need answers to

  • Flipping features into benefits - how to write copy from your customers' point of view. Selling transformations and dreams

  • Appealing to the heart and the head - how to sell your product using feelings and logic.

About Suzy:

Suzy Darke helps small businesses attract more dream customers with soulful marketing copy. She has been a copywriter for the last ten years and is on a mission to help business owners write their own copy that sells without being salesy.

Previous Secret Truro Sessions


Join us for an afternoon thinking about Business Finance followed by a glass of wine and nibbles in the (hopefully) sunny garden at the Workbox, Truro.

We may find ourselves at the halfway point of the business year. For those who have a different year, the Back-to-School/post Summer period is an excellent time to reflect. 

Why not come along and take the opportunity to get your head down, take your business seriously and set some goals to make sure that the end of 2019 is a success.

What we’ll learn: 

This session will reflect, take action to create a positive impact financially on your business that enhances your personal life.

About Deborah:

Deborah Edwards is a Chartered Accountant who has looked after hundreds of small businesses.  She's also an innovator and has successfully built three businesses from scratch.  Deborah is an expert in her field and understands how to apply her knowledge in a down-to-earth and accessible way. 

Up your game with email marketing with this update from Mailchimp Expert, Christine Foulds.

You may know that Mailchimp has changed its format and introduced some new features.  During the workshop, we'll be taking a closer look at how MailChimp has changed from an email marketing platform to a CRM. We'll be outlining features such as postcards, landing pages and how to implement simple automation and Amanda is on hand to offer advice about the legalities of email marketing under data protection legislation.

What we’ll learn: 

Our main focus will be

  • new features

  • new layout

  • new price structure

They'll be plenty of opportunities to ask questions so that you go away with a clear idea of what you can achieve when you get email marketing right.

About Christine:

Christine Foulds is an email marketing expert with the focus on costumer retention. She is the first one in Cornwall to become an official MailChimp Partner which means she gets unique resources, insights and a direct insider view from MailChimp. So, whenever developments happen, she will be the first to know in Cornwall.