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Amanda has lived in Truro for 13 years. Despite that and perhaps, because she lived ‘up-country’ for most her life, she still gets excited when she sees the sea and can’t wait to wiggle her toes in the warm sand.

She founded a social media consultancy in late 2013 called WaveMedia (SW) Ltd out of a desire to see small businesses in Truro thrive and also helps organisations with data protection.  “I would love to see small retailers be the go-to places for local shoppers as they offer expertise and a friendly face.  Sometimes, you even get a cup of tea and a biscuit’.  Lots of cups of tea and chatter later, ‘Secret Truro’ was born with the emphasis on creating a buzz around what is happening in the town, how the trends are being followed along with news and reviews on everything from the arts and culture scene, to restaurants and coffee shops.

Amanda’s favourite books as a child were anything by Dr Seuss where she draws most of her inspiration from ‘Go Dog Go’ and one of her favourite films is ‘The Blues Brothers’. Her ambition is to re-create a cross between the ‘Big Dog Party’ and the Blues Brothers legendary concert at the Palace Hotel Ballroom on the fictional Lake Wazapomani.


Jac loves playing with words, selecting and shuffling them to find the best way to tell a story. That could be a true story about a great local charity, uncovering the beauty of a secret garden or sharing the excitement of a new shop, restaurant or event. She also loves writing fiction, but you won’t find too much of that in Secret Truro!

Jac used to live in London, loving that in a different way to how she lives in Cornwall. They say you can take the girl out of London, but not London out of the girl… the bit of London Jac bring to Secret Truro is being informed.

“There is so much that is exciting going on in this city” says Jac “ use the term with a smile because, let’s face it, it doesn’t really feel like a city" but unless you know someone who knows someone, or you happen to be speaking to that someone at just the right time…it would be great if Secret Truro could become that someone you go to when you want to find out what’s going on”


Claire is a big eater and Cornwall lover. An adventurer who can usually be found near food she loves nothing more than wild walks on the beach, nights out and all things creative.

A designer by trade and an eater by profession she has dabbled in the world of food for many years including cooking for Mary Berry, throwing a pop up feast in a tent and avidly instagramming all she cooks.

Claire runs Design into Business a visual and strategic design