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The new Winter weekend breakfast at Fifteen


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The new Winter weekend breakfast at Fifteen

Amanda Williams

I've just returned from a trip out to Fifteen in Watergate Bay where I got to sample the new Winter Breakfast launched today.  I think it's fair to say that I won't be requiring any lunch and possibly supper will be a light affair, because I am full to the brim with delicious food courtesy of the fabulous team at the Watergate Bay restaurant.

Since Fifteen opened in 2006, 127 apprentices completed the restaurant's programme and an encouraging 91% are still employed, with 80% still working as Chefs.  Fifteen continues to pioneer the way in teaching apprentices the real life demands of a busy kitchen as well as teaching about local, fresh produce.

Its charitable status means that 100% of the profits go into the Cornwall Food Foundation which, amongst other things helps people with diabetes learn how healthy eating can improve their eating behaviour.  With the news out this morning, that diabetes not only costs the NHS an increasing amount of money but also can have a major impact on the lives of those whose disease is hard to control.

The food this morning, as you'd imagine was superb.  The team pulled out all the stops and treated us to a breakfast menu (savoury then sweet) combined with delicious Origin coffee and sourdough toast.  Director of Marketing, Katie, tells me that they are now open for breakfast at the weekends, but will be open every day over the Christmas Holiday.  MD, Matthew Thomson was keen to stress that the days of 'a 3 month waiting list' are over and everyone is welcome in, even if there's only a place at the bar or sitting on the sofa.

So - if you're in for a treat this weekend....why wait?