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Catching up with Kate Attlee


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Catching up with Kate Attlee

Amanda Williams

You might remember a blog from a few years back about Kate Attlee and her rather fabulous Persian Supper Club.  Since then, Kate has moved house, her culinary activities have gone from strength to strength and she reached the quarterfinal of BBC's Masterchef.  I caught up with Kate to learn more about her latest venture based in her house and which promises to let you in on some of her kitchen secrets.


Kate, what's happened since the supper club?

We paused the supper club due to a house move which involved project managing a house renovation.  It took a while but now it's done and I'm pleased that I can invite people into the kitchen to show them how I cook.

What made you decide to enter Masterchef and what was it like?

I hadn't planned it at all.  I just decided to apply in the summer of 2017 and auditioned in  August. Before I knew it, I was in London filming Oct/Nov 17 ready for it to be broadcast in February this year.

It really was unbelievable, stressful and other worldly.  It was odd to walk into the TV set you've spent years watching and experience a kind of alternate reality.  The pressure was high and the days were long, but it was an amazing experience and I feel very privileged to have been part of it.


Are you in touch with the others?

Yes, I'm still in touch with Mary, and hoping to catch up when she’s on holiday down here.  Overall, it was a lovely atmosphere which was good as we spent so much time together. 

What’s the plan now?

I came home and very aware that I could rush into something.  Masterchef aired in March and I had some really wonderfully supportive messages from lots of people which gave me the courage to think that I can do something.  I did a pop up summer club event over the summer at Emily's Cafe in Truro where I revisited the dishes from the show.  It sold out quite quickly and I'm planning another pop up at St Tudy Inn with Emily Scott.

How did you meet Emily?

I've got to know the people at Hospitality Table Cornwall.  It's an EU Funded project which has created a forum for those in hospitality with the aim of raising aspirations for young people.  There were doing a .piece about women in the industry and I was introduced to Emily.  She has retained her Bib Gourmand from Michelin for the third year running and I'm so excited to be working with her.

I understand you've also been writing

I love writing, and Cornwall Today asked me to write a column for them.  The third one will be out now.  We've called it “Cooking with Kate”.  I write about something I’ve been doing at home.  It's very informal and might be a recipe like a nice toffee apple cake.

What are you planning now?

When I did my event in the summer, a number of people from that asked when the next event would be and could I teach them about Persian food.  I've been  trying to work out a way that I can combine my love of this unique cuisine and bring up our two girls.  I've decided to hold periodic cooking events and to be able to show people how I cook and it will be lovely to use the kitchen after the hard work of the renovation.

I'm planning an event for six people.  We'll start with tea and coffee.  I’ll then cook a meal which will be very hands on as I’ll teach how everything is done.  It will culminate everyone sitting down to lunch together.  They’ll be recipe cards and sweet treats to go home with.

This sounds amazing - How do I book...?

Everything is on Eventbrite - you can pay a deposit and balance on the day.

Thanks Kate for your time - I'm sure your event will be fantastic.  Keep your eyes open for more of Kate's events and follow her on social media here:


Kate's website