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Fashion Round Up - AW2019


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Fashion Round Up - AW2019

Amanda Williams

This morning really does feel as though it’s time to get back to some sort of a routine. The summer weather, although not as reliable as last year, has had some long lazy summer days as well as days when the we debated turning the heating back on. I’m not ready to embrace woolly cardigans and opaque tights yet, but thoughts are turning to a new term of autumn colours and possibilities.

It’s been a while since I wrote a fashion round up, and in that time, the focus of the fashion industry has changed. From a ‘wear it and throw it away’ culture, we’re understanding the impact that fast fashion has, not only, on the poor in developing countries, but also on the environment. A new book out today ‘Fashionopolis’ explores the tension in wanting to be new, current and innovative with the darker side of the industry. The tag line - ‘It’s time to get dressed with intention’ is a good place to start.

So, with all of that in mind, here are a few of the Autumn/Winter trends and more importantly, where you can get them from in Truro. Support these local independent shops, they’ve chosen the clothes and accessories carefully, often many months beforehand.

Prairie Dressing

It seems we’ve all gone a bit prim and proper with high neck lines, ruffles, long sleeves and ankle length dresses. Maybe it’s a hark back to innocent times, or we just can’t wait for ‘Little Women’ to come out in the cinema. Whether you’re channelling a boho Florence vibe or your looking to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge for your inspiration, this style is perfect. Kate wears with wedges, Florence is probably barefoot, but these dresses will work through the winter too with boots and a chunky cardi over the top. And you don’t need to run through cornfields to enjoy this dress from Busby and Fox.


Another trend that has gone from strength to strength is trainers with EVERYTHING. It’s been a while since we relegated that smelly old pair of gym pumps to the back of the cupboard. Now we’re wearing them with smart, casual, boho AND the gym. My preference is for box fresh white trainers, but I’m thinking of branching out this season with a flash of colour and texture. These Air and Grace trainers from Bishop Philpott combine animal with a flash of colour.


Animal Print

This was such a huge trend last year and, thankfully, is carrying on into this season. You see, if it works, it doesn’t haven’t to be abandoned in favour of ‘another idea’. Get it right and it becomes almost another neutral, get it wrong and you’ll end up looking like Bet Lynch (unless you’re being ironic of course). This coat from The Vor Store is perfect for the changing seasons - we’re not ready for thick winter coats just yet. It’s lightweight and bang on trend. Love it!

Buying from your local indies is a way of loving your community


Classy use of mustard is perfect for autumn. Soft and warm and the perfect transition between the warmer weather and the colder months. Colour block this dress up with navy, or pop it over white jeans for a sunny autumn day.

This actual dress is in Illustrated Living in St Ives, but I’m sure if you ask them nicely in Illustrated Living or Wishlist in Lemon Street Market, they’ll be only to happy to oblige or show you many more beautiful clothes.


So, can we have our fashion cake and eat it?

Well perhaps by choosing well, choosing local and choosing classic we can benefit our world, both global and local.